Show Coaching

Is There a Line of People Waiting to Talk to You After Your Show?

By Joe Bayliss

March 20, 2018

I recently attended a TEDx Talk. This was a great opportunity for me to see a dozen 15-minute speeches in one sitting. And there are great parallels with what you do every week with your radio or TV show.

Each TEDx speaker had something important to say. But as you might expect, some speakers did a better job than others. Some speakers connected with the audience, and others didn’t.

The speakers that didn’t connect with their audience used slides that included a lot of text. They stumbled as they glanced back and forth between

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How to Avoid Being Sold a Bag of (Media) Goods

By Joe Bayliss

June 9, 2016

This is not going to be a popular post with my friends in radio and television.

But everything I’m about to share with you, is true.

You can take it to the bank.

It will prevent you from ever being sold a bag of goods in the future.

And ultimately, it will save you thousands, if not tens of thousands of dollars.

Not to mention a lot of time, and angst.

There is a very different dynamic when a radio/tv sales rep calls you about their station, versus you reaching out to all stations

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Content is King

By Joe Bayliss

May 3, 2016

You can take this to the bank.

There’s a lesson that’s taken me a long time to learn. Your marketing content will determine your success or failure. Your content is everything. Period.

This goes for your radio or television shows, or interviews ... For your commercials ...Your workshops... Everything.

Yet this is the one area where 99% of advisors take a shortcut. And thats a mistake that winds up costing them thousands of dollars.

Here’s why ...

You could buy a high frequency advertising schedule on the highest rated radio station in your

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