5 Marketing Lessons You Can Take To The Bank

By Joe Bayliss

September 28, 2017

This is the best marketing advice I could ever give you.

We have worked with a lot of financial advisors over the years.
Some are more sophisticated marketers than others.

But we have a small core of advisors that have been with us for years.
Not surprisingly, they kill it each and every year.
When I say “kill it,” I’m not talking about 20%, or 50% growth.
I’m talking about mind-blowing growth you’d give your left arm for (including one with 1,015% growth over the past 4 years).

This growth hasn’t just changed their business.It’s changed their lives.

Our top producers consistently do 5 things very well, without fail.

1. They’re Engaged.
They recognize that marketing is the engine that drives the business.
It’s a top priority, not a necessary evil. Marketing isn’t delegated to someone else on staff. We’re on the phone with the principals every week. These meetings don’t move, or get cut short. We’re talking results. We’re brainstorming. We’re making tweaks where necessary. And we’re looking forward.
The same holds true with their shows, or interviews. They recognize that preparation is key to having a great “performance.” They’re not afraid of getting their fingers dirty, or doing the hard work.

2. They Track Their Results.
Peter Drucker said, “you can’t manage what you can’t measure.” If you track when and where your leads are coming from, you’ll make more intelligent marketing decisions tomorrow. And before you know it, every marketing dollar is breaking a sweat. You know exactly when to put the pedal to the metal. And when to put your foot on the breaks.
This is not some half-assed effort. This is detailed, tracked, and discussed every week. How much did we invest? How many leads did we generate? How many appointments did we set? How much business came from those appointments? How does it compare to our other platforms? How does it compare to last week? It’s all detailed down to the penny. Everyone has opinions about what is and isn’t working. But the truth speaks here.

3. They Consistently Test New Platforms
There’s a phrase we use around our company … “options give you leverage.” If we create other options to generate leads, we will never be held hostage by any one station, platform or medium. Our top advisors have the courage to consistently test other platforms to discover more effective, and cost-efficient ways to generate leads.
One of our latest tests literally broke the call center from too many calls at one time. (This could be our next big performing platform in that market). Another test yielded 16 confirmed workshop attendees – and it didn’t cost a penny. How do you learn these things if you’re not willing to try? Consistently make small, calculated bets and test new platforms.

4. They Know that Your Message is 51% of the Equation.
You could spend $1 million a year on marketing, but if your message falls flat, you won’t generate one lead. The takeaway is this … the success or failure of your marketing is largely dependent upon your message. Period. Unfortunately, 99.9% of financial advisors don’t get that. Instead, they’re focused on the medium (radio, direct mail, etc). And the message is just an afterthought. They either write it themselves. Or worse yet, rely on their IMO/FMO who’s distributing the same homogenized marketing materials to 12 other advisors across the street. The result is an ineffective message that ultimately gets ignored like wallpaper.
The top performing advisors recognize this is the “secret sauce” to any campaign – no matter if it’s radio, TV, direct mail, email, video, or whatever. Your message is king.

5. There’s a Thoughtful Process to Convert Leads.
I can’t count the number of times we’ve generated dozens, if not hundreds of leads for an advisor, but there are no systems, or processes to convert those leads on the back end. So the entire campaign is a colossal waste of time, money and effort.
Our top advisors know exactly what happens when a lead comes in. There are systems and processes in place to convert those leads before the campaign starts. Each potential new customer is handled with kid gloves. And their systems and processes are consistently tracked, refined and improved every week.

You can't get away with doing any of these things halfway.
And you can’t get away with just doing 2, or 3 of these things right.
If you truly want to catapult your business to the next level, you must execute all 5 things.
It won’t happen overnight.
It’ll be a process.
But you gotta be all in.

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