A Surprising Study on AM/FM Radio Listenership. (The Results Aren’t What You Think)

By Joe Bayliss

May 9th, 2018

Is the whole radio thing over? Are people even listening to the medium anymore? Or have they migrated to Sirius/XM satellite radio, Pandora or Spotify?

Nielsen Ratings just released a report on media usage across a broad cross section of advertising mediums including radio; television; cable; streaming; and digital.

The results may surprise you …

“Traditional AM/FM radio still reaches 93% of Americans every week - more than those watching television or using a smartphone, TV connected device, tablet or PC.”

But wait, there’s more …

“Even in the age of sophisticated cable TV and video on demand, it’s old school AM/FM radio which rules the nation’s media world according to Nielsen. With 243 million monthly listeners, radio bests the competition across the board. Each week, more Americans tune to AM/FM radio than any other platform.”

If you want to see the (short) story featured in the Washington Times, click HERE

Most of our clients are using several different marketing platforms. These include radio, tv, digital, and seminars. But this research study I’ve outlined here won’t surprise them. Why? Because they already know it. The proof’s in the pudding. They’re tracking their results, and they already know that radio is typically the #1 or #2 driver of leads that converted into customers (that’s a key metric).

If you’re struggling to generate leads with your radio show or commercials, it’s likely your message/content. Does it engage the audience? Does it stop them in their tracks, and motivate them to take action? And does it differentiate you from the sea of other advisors? If not, you’ll struggle with any advertising medium.

Other considerations could be are you on the right station? Or are you spending money in the right places – or blowing it things that just benefit the station?

Baby boomers grew up on radio, and old habits die hard. So your potential customers are listening to local radio stations in your market (especially News/Talk formats). That’s great intelligence. Now you have to make sure you buy the medium effectively, and cost-efficiently. And most importantly, you have great creative that motivates them to act.

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