A Case Study of Generating 3X More Leads … Overnight.

By Joe Bayliss

January 18, 2018

I received the text below from our new client in Naples, Florida one Sunday morning …

“We got 20 phone calls from today’s TV platform so far today! We have never had this many before. It’s more than double! I’m so appreciative and happy you are helping us!”

This is the exact same TV platform the client used in the past.
The only difference was their message (we wrote their content, and calls to action).
As it turns out, the client ended up generating a total of 25 leads on Sunday, not 20.

So they generated 3X more leads than their previous all-time record.
And in case you’re wondering if they were quality leads … they used a $500,000 qualifier.

This isn’t about us tooting our own horn.
The point I’m making is this …

Most advisors obsess over their advertising medium of choice (direct mail, Facebook, radio, television, etc).
But the medium is just part of the equation.
What you should be obsessing over is your message.
Your message, not the medium, will have a bigger impact on your success, or failure of your campaign.

Photo credit: http://static.adweek.com/adweek.com-prod/wp-content/uploads/files/digital-advertising-ep-2016.png

There is an audience on radio.
There is an audience watching TV.
There is an audience for direct mail.
And there is an audience at your workshops.

The question is …
Does your message engage the audience, and motivate them to act?
Or is it wallpaper, and largely ignored?

The takeaway …Your message could have a profound impact on your results with any advertising medium.
And yes, you could easily double, or triple the number of leads you’re generating today.
We see it happen all the time.

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