Content is King

By Joe Bayliss

May 3, 2016

You can take this to the bank.

There’s a lesson that’s taken me a long time to learn. Your marketing content will determine your success or failure. Your content is everything. Period.

This goes for your radio or television shows, or interviews ... For your commercials ...Your workshops... Everything.

Yet this is the one area where 99% of advisors take a shortcut. And thats a mistake that winds up costing them thousands of dollars.

Here’s why ...

You could buy a high frequency advertising schedule on the highest rated radio station in your market.

Your commercials are strategically placed in all of the “drive-time” dayparts. But if your commercial falls flat... If your message fails to motivate the listener, or evoke response ...

You’ll hear nothing but crickets.

All of the time you invested into that launching that campaign ... Plus the thousands and thousands of dollars... is flushed right down the drain.

On the other hand, you could launch a campaign on the lowest rated radio station in the market ... the station with hardly any listeners. But, if you have a compelling message or offer, you will generate leads. It will be a tremendous investment. Not a marketing expense.

This is why ... Content is King!

I see this firsthand with our new clients every week. It's a radio or TV show. It's an interview, a commercial, or long form video. It might look or sound pretty with great production values. But it hasn't generated one lead. And your commercial/show/video fails to motivate the listener to act. And it fails miserably.

Here’s my advice.

Invest in your marketing creative/content. Make sure you have a "unique voice" that rises above the sea of competition. If you settle for anything less, youll just wind up wasting a lot of time and money. And you'll continue to struggle in what is one of the most competitive industries.

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