Is There a Line of People Waiting to Talk to You After Your Show?

By Joe Bayliss

March 20, 2018

I recently attended a TEDx Talk. This was a great opportunity for me to see a dozen 15-minute speeches in one sitting. And there are great parallels with what you do every week with your radio or TV show.

Each TEDx speaker had something important to say. But as you might expect, some speakers did a better job than others. Some speakers connected with the audience, and others didn’t.

The speakers that didn’t connect with their audience used slides that included a lot of text. They stumbled as they glanced back and forth between the audience, and reading their own slides. Their content was filled with facts, figures, statistics and technical speak. They didn’t share any stories. They didn’t communicate a clear message. And it was boring.

You knew within the first 60-seconds this was going to be a long 15 minutes. But you can’t just get up and walk out. You’re stuck. But if you were listening to radio, or watching TV, you could have changed the station without any guilt.

The speakers that did connect with the audience had a totally different approach. They were relaxed, and confident. They were prepared. They were always looking forward, making eye contact with the audience. If they used slides, they were pictures, or very few words. They walked the stage, and varied their cadence and tone. But the biggest difference was they connected with their audience by telling interesting stories.

What happened after the event was more interesting than the event itself.

The speakers who connected with the audience had a line of people waiting to speak to them one on one. But the other speakers didn’t.

So what’s the difference between giving a TED Talk, and doing a radio or TV show?

There is no difference.

Are you prepared for your show as if you were putting on a performance in front of thousands of people every single week? How will you engage and connect with the audience? What stories will you share that will make your topic interesting and relatable? And how will you motivate them to take action?

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