If You Use Radio Commercials, Read This …

By Joe Bayliss

April 4, 2018

Does the voice of your radio commercials really matter?

The short answer is yes, it can have a profound impact on your results.

And I’m about to prove it to you with a recent case study with one of our financial advisors …

We ran 60-second commercials on a radio station for 2 weeks. We ran the exact same schedule, and commercial script for both weeks. But there was one variable for this campaign. We used a different person to voice the commercial each week.

The first week we used an on-air personality who worked at the station. The “read” was just ok. Unfortunately, they didn’t really “sell” the message. It wasn’t sincere. And it showed in the results.

The first week only generated 3 calls for appointments. The station had solid ratings. We used a high frequency schedule. It was a compelling script/message with a strong call to action. And we believed this campaign should have performed much better.

So, we switched gears.

For the second week of the campaign, we used a different voice from outside the market. So, it was a fresh voice on this station. The tone was conversational, and convincing. It sounded like a conversation between you and your best friend over a beer. There were natural, pregnant pauses. And they really punched certain words, and sentences.

It was a brilliant “read.” And the results were night and day.

The 2nd week generated 12 calls for appointments. That’s 400% more than the 1st week. Same station. Same schedule. Exact same commercial script. The only difference was we used a different voice. That’s it.

The lesson here …

Even the smallest tweaks to a campaign can have a huge impact on your results. In this case, a voiceover talent brought the message to life. These people are few and far between. And they’re typically not found in production departments of radio stations who are churning out 100 commercials a day.

Who is voicing your radio commercials? Are you satisfied with your results? And have you tested other voices to see if you could get a better result?

A nip here. A tuck there. And you just might find you could be generating a lot more leads.

If I can answer any questions, email me directly at Joe@FinancialMarketingPros.com

Good luck.

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