Killer Show Content

You're spending thousands every month on a radio or TV show.

But you're busy running from one appointment to the next.

So you don't have time to prepare for your show. 

Sound familiar?

Unfortunately you’re not only wasting an opportunity ...

You’re throwing away thousands of dollars.

Your show will succeed or fail depending on one thing ...

Your content.

Our Killer Show Content is the best in the business. Bar none.

And it’s helped advisors sell hundreds of millions of dollars in financial products and services.

If you’re disappointed in your radio or TV leads ...

If you want a unique voice that will rise above the sea of noise ...

If your time is better spent with clients, rather than doing last-minute research to figure out what you're going to talk about this week ...

Then this is really a no-brainer.

In fact, some of the largest advisors in the country use our Killer Show Content. And here's why ...

  • For starters, it’s only available on a market exclusive basis. So you get a competitive edge.
  • It’s engaging content that motivates your listeners to respond.
  • It saves you hours every week (allowing you to do what you do best).
  • And most importantly, it works.

Each and every week you get nearly 10 pages of engaging content including ...

  • Show topics
  • Show notes with potential talking points
  • Several summarized research articles for show content
  • Opening monologues
  • Segment openers
  • Commercial teases
  • Plus 2-4 different calls to action

As an added Bonus, you will also receive ...

  • A free show coaching session
  • A free annual subscription to The Lead Letter

Your investment is just $1997/mo.

6 month commitment

This offer is only available to individual financial advisors, and not to marketing organizations including FMOs or IMOs.